How to Reduce Freight Costs

Reducing costs when it comes to freight may not seem straightforward – but it is more than attainable.

Saving money for your business is crucial, especially with the current financial crisis in the UK hitting consumers harder than ever before. Therefore, we’ve put together a helpful guide on how to reduce freight costs.

Keep reading to discover our top tips – applying even a few of these tips could save you enough money to make a difference!

Develop Relationships

Developing relationships with freight forwarders is ideal, not only when reducing freight costs but also to establish connections within the industry and seeking out the best advice.

Whether it’s maintaining good communication or being known to load cargo quickly with no interruptions, a business that ships and operates efficiently will gain a great reputation and thus develop relationships within the industry.

Developed relationships may mean that carriers will advise you on the best ways to reduce freight costs, while also taking up less of their time and less of your own time – creating a win-win situation.

Free-Up Pallet Spaces

When it comes to freight, every bit of excess packaging, cardboard, wood or material would take space up within your shipment and also increase the weight of your cargo – also increasing the cost. Freeing up pallet spaces will allow your shipment to weigh less, while also taking up less room. Also helpful for the environment.

Reducing the number of pallets shipped by considering the pallet dimensions and ensuring you aren’t exceeding any maximum weight restrictions are also very important things to consider – research your carrier’s needs and communicate with your freight forwarder if you’re unsure of anything.

Maintain Communication

As mentioned above, maintaining communication is a surefire way of reducing freight costs while also improving relationships within the logistics industry.

At Astral Global Logistics, we prioritise our relationships with our clients – we understand that clear and effective communication makes the journey easier for you, and for us.

If you have a query about us or one of our services, feel free to contact us at and we will assist you as soon as possible – there’s no question too big or too small.

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