What Is Road Freight?

Road freight, also known as road haulage, is the movement of cargo between destinations through the use of roads, usually loaded onto lorries or large vehicles.

Road freight can be carried out nationally between two places that are both located within the same country, or internationally where a vehicle will transport cargo through international borders with the correct documentation.

But what are the key advantages of road freight, and is it the right mode of transport for your goods? Keep reading, and we’ll talk you through why road freight might work for your business, plus what recent regulations mean for international road haulage.

Advantages of Road Freight


There are ample advantages when it comes to road freight – one of the biggest being that no other means of transport has access to a comparable infrastructure as lorries and trucks, with no ports or airports to stagger the flow of traffic.

Ways of managing road traffic have highly improved in recent years, with technology now able to detect when traffic is busy and re-routing vehicles to avoid stopping, road freight is a great form of shipment transporting.


Additionally, plenty of flexibility is available when it comes to road freight, especially national freight.

Without having to switch between different transport types (such as road freight then air freight followed by road freight again) in order to reach a destination – road freight is excellent for delivering door-to-door cargo and packages. Although some airfreight services rely on the goods being trucked in?

In comparison to sea or air freight, road freight also requires less paperwork, meaning it can speed up the process of freight and streamline deliveries.


Whilst driver and fuel costs may have increased in recent times, road freight still remains a very cost-efficient way of transporting cargo.

In addition, a truck or lorry is not as expensive to maintain and fix as ships or airplanes, passing these savings down and making road freight management more cost-effective than other modes of transport.

In all, road freight is the most efficient option for short and medium distances.

Road Haulage (Freight) Services & Brexit

As with many other industries, Brexit has had a large impact on logistics. One of the biggest factors impacted was increased transit time between the UK and the EU, due to a larger number of paperwork needed and customs requirements. In addition, the UK was also met with a staff shortage, which also hit the freight industry. As EU nationals left the UK in 2020, recruitment became key and many industries struggled with recruiting workers, leading to fewer available drivers being on the roads.

Thankfully, our dedicated department is filled with expert individuals who are committed to getting your goods across the border.

Our road freight services cover full loads and groupage services both to and from Europe, so you don’t have to worry about extensive paperwork or customs clearance. If you need a company you can trust to move your shipment to its destination, plus ensure post-Brexit compliance, AGL have the ability to support anyone with European transport requirements and road freight forwarding, so your shipment is in safe hands. Our customs clearance services provide 24/7 coverage – with our dedicated team of customs clearance agents keeping fully up to date with any industry changes so you don’t have to.

Rely on us and continue with your day-to-day operations. We will keep you updated with your shipment’s progress, continually delivering efficiency to you.

Our Road Freight Services

We specialize in European Road Freight services – by coming to Astral Global Logistics, you will have all the resources you need to keep your EU trade moving, including the handling of customs clearance.

Our road freight service covers the UK and beyond; working with both the UK and EU-wide pallet network, alongside our dedicated Full Trailer services, we can secure your freight locally, nationally and internationally across Europe. Wherever you need your freight forwarded, you can trust AGL to deliver it safely, securely and completely compliantly.

With a renowned reputation, we have built a number of longstanding relationships with professional suppliers, as well as our customers, over the years. This means we provide a variety of different vehicles and trailers covering the whole of the UK and Europe to fulfil your needs. From one pallet to an abnormal, out-of-gauge load, the UK or European part or full loads, AGL can get your shipment where it needs to be.

Get In Touch

If you’re ready to get started with your European Road Freight – come to us for a stress-free process. Drop us an email at info@aglog.co.uk for more information.

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