Are you in search of a freight forwarder to assist with your timber and plywood materials? Look no further than Astral Global Logistics. We are specialists in this area and renowned for our professional handling of timber and plywood shipments.

Plywood & Timber Haulage

No matter what part of the journey you require assistance with, AGL are on-hand to help. We have complete timber warehousing facilities to store your products before shipment or after delivery. Our dedicated team will ensure it is well looked after, so it arrives or leaves in the same top condition, and is stored correctly until it needs to be transported.

Whether you require Sea Freight, European Road Freight or Customs Clearance services, you have come to the right place. AGL work with UK leading importers and distributors, so can guarantee the safe freight forwarding of your materials. Our extensive expertise of handling timber and plywood products ensures that we are able to advise the best mode of haulage for you. We also have the ability to complete customs clearance paperwork with total accuracy and compliance.

Industry Leading Timber & Plywood Logistics

AGL are experienced in the handling, storage, and distribution of timber and plywood. With experience and knowledge in each area, the entire process is completely streamlined regardless of the number of services you require. We apply the same effort consistently at every stage and you will always have a dedicated point of contact to discuss your shipment with you whenever you need.

We have many factors playing in our favour; we are positioned in a prime location, seasoned in timber products, and well connected within the logistics industry. All of these qualities enable us to deliver a high-quality service that you can rely on. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our timber logistics services.