How Does Air Freight Work?

With the world evolving from standard delivery to same-day shipping, air freight is becoming extremely popular and is a necessary means of transport for all shipping needs.

Air freight is available worldwide, is proactive and reactive and we are dedicated to delivering your time-sensitive shipments successfully.

If you’re wondering how your next-day delivery “I forgot it was Father’s Day this weekend” presents can get from A to B at lightning speed, here’s our guide on air freight…

What Is Air Freight?

Air Freight involves moving parcels or shipments from point A to B on an air carrier or aircraft. One of the most important parts of air freight is that the shipments arrive within their dedicated time scale and are delivered safely, both aspects of which air freight can almost guarantee.

Shipments via aircraft are quick due to flight times being faster than sea or land, and are used by companies that need a swift turnaround or have products that may expire if not refrigerated.

The process of air freight is quite straightforward – your logistics company of choice will be in contact with a local carrier, the freight is loaded and on the aircraft, then once the shipment has arrived, your carrier will arrange further pickup and deliver details once they have been confirmed and done!

What Are the Advantages of Air Shipping?

There are plenty of advantages of air shipping as it is quick and very efficient. In basic terms, a plane does not wait at a traffic light or roundabout, so if you have a time-sensitive shipment, keeping air freight at the front of your mind is a great idea.


Air freight is quick, especially in comparison to sea and road freight, so it is essential when shipments have a short amount of time to be delivered before they are needed. As an example, some of the most common users of air freight are pharmaceutical companies that have medicines that need refrigerating after a certain time, much like food shipments that need to reach their destination swiftly.

The quickness of air shipment is what makes it one of the most popular modes of transporting goods and we, at Astral Global Logistics, are always punctual and complete shipments as fast as possible as we know how important it is for your deliveries to arrive promptly.


Keeping your shipments secure and intact makes deliveries great, we know there’s nothing worse than anticipating a delivery for it to be damaged.

Air Freight journeys are always smooth, and they ensure an extra sense of security due to the direct and safe process. Shipments usually travel on one plane, therefore, the process has less risk of damaging or losing the delivery.


An added level of security is the ability to track air freight shipments, most carriers and freight forwarders are guaranteed to provide you with tracking details to ensure that you know exactly where your parcel is and when.

Extra tracking security is easier with air freight as it’s usually only one aircraft that is used and the process is a seamless A to B transfer, making it simple to locate your delivery.

What is a Freight Forwarder?

When it comes to all things freight and shipment, freight forwarders are the company or organisation that makes your parcel go from a warehouse abroad, right to your doorstep. Without freight forwarders, no shipments would be completed as they are the people that organize documents, destinations and all travel needs of shipments.

A brilliant freight forwarder (such as ourselves) will ensure that your shipments are delivered on a specific time scale, they are documented and delivered safely.

To say it how it is, without a freight forwarder, there wouldn’t be any freight!

Growing Industry and Future of Air Freight

Nowadays, standard 7-day shipping is already too late before it has even been ordered, so the ability of air freight to deliver your shipment within a short time frame and meet the demands of the millions of companies offering next-day delivery means that the industry is ever-growing.

Meeting the demand for supply across the world has only one answer – air freight. More and more customers are ordering products from different countries and international shipping has become extremely common with shipments from China to the UK being completed via air freight in a safe and efficient manner.

Alongside its high demand, air freight is also very useful when it comes to landlocked countries so the industry is constantly developing in order to meet the needs of countries which can’t supply via sea freight. Much quicker than shipping by road, air freight is quickly becoming the chosen method of shipping contents to and from landlocked countries.

We can be certain when assuring you that the future of air freight is bright and clear.

How We Can Help You

Now that you know what air freight is, how it works and what the potential development opportunities are, it’s difficult to know where to begin with finding the correct company to air freight your shipments with.

That’s exactly what we’re here for.

We understand that some shipments need to get to a destination as quick as possible, with no time to fuss or arrive damaged. We also understand that the industry is becoming more and more in-demand, which is why our services are priced accordingly and we take as much care of your deliveries as we would if they were our own.

Whatever your goods or trade lane, you can rely on us to meet your deadlines.

Ready to talk more? Email us at or find us at:

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